Hanoi Culinary Tour


Hanoi Culinary Tour will provide you the beautiful introduction of Hanoi Food in one day. In the morning you will have great discover of all authentic food of Hanoi in Hanoi Old Quarter, experience the famous Pho for breakfast and at lunch enjoy Bun Cha – the unique noodle with barbecue pork from Hanoi. The tour concluded with the cooking class and dinner for typical Hanoi cuisine.

bun cha

Morning we will take a short walk to the local food market. It is typical market as thousand of them around the city that supply food for the regular meal of local people. Then take the walk through the Old Quarter of Hanoi, you can feel the traditional atmosphere of the most attractive part in Hanoi and witness local people enjoy their breakfast on the pavement along the ride. Experiences a bowl of “Pho bo” (noodle with beef) at Pho Bat Dan or Pho Bo Hang Dong (subject to the availability of the restaurant) – famous typical Northern Vietnam Pho. In that pho local traditional restaurant, people should wait in line and pay and get their own bowl of Pho. After that Pho breakfast, we will continue waking tour around the Old Quarter, our guide will introduce to you some of the authentic local food like Banh Cuon (steam rice pancake rolled with mince perk and mushroom), Cha Ca La Vong (the most famous and authentic local food in Hanoi), enjoy some coffee in local coffee shop followed by “Bun cha” lunch (Vermicelli with grilled pork – another Hanoi famous street food – Bun Cha Dac Kim Duong Thanh).

Afternoon you will have the opportunity to take a cooking class  and learn how to prepare 3 traditional dishes of Hanoi.


  • You start with a 1 hour market tour to learn about Vietnamese ingredients & how to choose fresh foods. Next is a short talk on the art of Hanoian gastronomy, vegetables, herbs & spices & how to prepare & use them.
  • The practical includes learning cooking & cutting techniques & how to use a Vietnamese vegetable grater & knife.
  • The menu includes: Nem (Fried meat rolls), Ca Hap (Steamed Fish with dill) and Nom (Mixed Salad).
  • Dinner at the restaurant.



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