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Vieng market in Nam Dinh - unique in northern region

Vieng market in Nam Dinh - unique in northern region
UPDATED: 16 Feb 2016 4 Views

At night of January 7th and the morning of January 8th in the lunar calendar every year, people are eager to come to Nam Dinh in order to take part in the Vieng market.

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This market at the beginning of the year is the opening for a series of spring travel in the land of the festival because in the minds of many people, coming to the Vieng market is taking part in a festival to "buy fortune and sell bad luck" in the new year.

The unique "buy fortune and sell bad luck" market in the northern region

Vieng market

Vieng market in Nam Dinh

Unlike the rush of the usual market, the Vieng market is a "sacred" market. Both the buyers and sellers, who arrived in the market, do not much concern about the profits. They only want to "buy fortune and sell bad luck" for wishing a lucky new year.

The market sells typical things such as ornamental plants, antiques, old furniture and tools for farmers. In the northern plains, the vast majority of people working in the fields or in trade are trying to take part in the Vieng market.

Not only Nam Dinh people but also visitors from everywhere come to the Vieng market. Households doing trade are expecting to buy and sell conveniently. The farmers are buying seedlings, seed to pray for good weather...

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Many Vieng markets in Nam Dinh

Vieng Kim Thai market

Vieng Kim Thai market

Nam Dinh province has many Vieng markets, including the Vieng market in Nam Giang, also called Vieng Chua market (the town of Nam Giang, Nam Truc district) which is home of Dai Bi pagoda; Vieng Kim Thai market with other names Vieng Phu Market (Trung Thanh commune, Vu Ban district) associated with relic of Phu Day.