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Some delicacies in Sapa (Part 2)

Some delicacies in Sapa (Part 2)
UPDATED: 21 May 2015 2 Views

Visitors to Sapa will have opportunities to not only look at the beautiful views of mountains, forests and terraces, but also enjoy the delicious foods in Sapa...

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  1. Lon Cap Nach in Sapa - delicacies not to be missed when traveling Sapa

Lon Cap Nach in Sapa Lon Cap Nach in Sapa

"Lon Cap Nach" is a very special delicacie in Sapa. These are pig breeds of Hmong. A mature pig just weighs 4-5 kg. The pork is cleaned, marinated and grilled. The thin pieces of meat with a crispy skin are very delicious. Coming to Sapa you must try this dish with Tao Meo wine – a wonderful drink in Sapa.

  1. Grilled dishes in Sapa

Grilled dishes in Sapa Grilled dishes in Sapa

The grilled dishes are delicious dishes making up the speciality of Sapa. Maybe because of the cold climate in Sapa, almost of famous dishes in here are grilled. From chicken eggs, duck eggs, grilled meat, vegetable wrapping meat, rice, corn, potatoes and many specialities making by local people in Sapa. On cold evenings, barbeque areas are the places attracting most of tourists because of warm space in there and delicious dishes which are suitable for cool weather in the mountain.

  1. Thang co in Sapa - delicacies to try when you coming to Sapa

Thang co in Sapa Thang co in Sapa

Thang co – Sapa’s delicacies are cooked quite complexly. To local people, Thang co is often cooked from many kinds of meat: beef, pork, buffalo... A delicious Thang co needs 27 different spices like cinnamon, anise, cardamom, chives ... Vegetables are an important part of Thang co. Travelling Sapa, you enjoy Thang co with a special flavor: sweety, greasy and tasty. Nothing is more interesting than siting near a pan of Thang co, drinking corn wine and feeling the warmth in cold and frostbitten of mountain wind... The famous restaurant in Sapa is Ma Le and A Quynh: 015 Thach Son, Sapa.