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Some delicacies in Sapa (Part 1)

Some delicacies in Sapa (Part 1)
UPDATED: 21 May 2015 2 Views

Visitors to Sapa will have opportunities to not only look at the beautiful views of mountains, forests and terraces, but also enjoy the delicious foods in Sapa.

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Sapa District is located in Lao Cai Province, north-west Vietnam, and 380 km north-west of Hanoi, close to the border with China. The Hoàng Liên Son range of mountains dominates the district, which is at the eastern extremity of the Himalayas. This range includes Vietnam's highest mountain, Fan Si Pan, at a height of 3143 m above sea level. The town of Sapa lies at an altitude of about 1500 meters (4921 feet) above sea level. The climate is moderate and rainy in summer (May—August), and foggy and cold with occasional snowfalls in winter.

  1. Fresh vegetables- the most delicious food in Sapa

Fresh vegetables in sapa Fresh vegetables in sapa

Mentioning to Sapa’s delicacies, many people think of vegetables. With cool climate, Sapa is the land of typical vegetables in temperate regions such as white and green cauliflower, red radish or chayote... Vegetables grown in Sapa have a special taste: sweet, soft and very attractive. The most popular vegetables in Sapa including boiled chayote with sesame salt, or chicken soup with vegetables ...

  1. Salmon, fresh sturgeon - delicacies attracted many tourists to Sapa

Salmon in Sapa Salmon in Sapa

Going to Sapa, you can not miss Salmon - delicious dish at Sapa with salmon, sturgeon in Sapa is not fat like imported ones. In the cold weather in Sa Pa, a hot pot of salmon / sturgeon with fresh vegetables is an unforgettable memory in your life. Salmon or sturgeon may also sliced ​​very thin to mix salad or grill...