Dai Thanh islet

Dai Thanh islet
Dai Thanh islet

The blue water, beautiful landscape, geological value and biological Diversity… are the features of Dai Thanh islet on Halong bay. It is considered as a “green oasis” among limestone mountains in Halong bay.

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About Dai Thanh islet

With the special Karst structure, the highlight of landscapes in here is beautiful tung, ang surrounding by great mountains.

The inside is big lakes as mirrors. The contrast attracts anyone coming here to explore at the first time.

Dai Thanh islet
Dai Thanh islet

The “green oasis” is located in the South West, Halong bay, near the Titop island. Dai Thanh islet is a typical example of Karst structure formed 350-290 BC year ago (Carbon-Pecmi age).

Inside the “green oasis” are treasures: big caves with wide dome and high values. Many stalactites inside the caves are forming.

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The attraction

Coming to this oasis, the tourists will have the opportunity to explore great underground caves through the mountain to the sea outside.

Dai Thanh islet
Dai Thanh islet

In current, the main tourists of this place are scientists and researchers. It is hoped that in the near future, when the “green oasis” opens to welcome tourists, they will have opportunities to see the unique beauty of this island.


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