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Traveling to Ha Giang to admire buckwheat flower

Traveling to Ha Giang to admire buckwheat flower
UPDATED: 26 Oct 2016 356 Views

Mentioning to Ha Giang - one of the most appealing destinations in Northern Vietnam, people will immediately think about buckwheat flowers as a symbol of this land. To have the chance to see this stunning flower, let's take your backpack and come to Ha Giang at the time from October to November.

The buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

The buckwheat flowers grow well in moist and cool climates with a temperature of 15-22 degrees Celsius. When blossoming, the flowers are pinkish-pink, then gradually turn into pink and purple before seed. The buckwheat flowers have tiny petals, when not hatched they have cone shapes.

In October, sunlight like pouring honey over the plateau of Dong Van, sparkle rock mountains . From the valleys, the sloping mountains to the village, the buckwheat flowers flutter blooming white petals flowers in pink and roses pink. The clambering roads across the top of the mountain now change into a flower road floating in the sun.

The white rose of the buckwheat flower petals cover the terraced fields, layered around the hills as the multi-layered dress of the young woman. The tiny flowers make up each carpet of flowers fluttering pink to cover the thorns of the rocky land.

Stopping by the tottery pass overlooking the Sung La valley to see sun falling on the fragile flower petals and tiny flower buds are gradually blossoming the pink flower petals. In August, after harvesting rice on the slope, people begin sowing seeds. After one month, the flowers blossom and at the end of October, the seedlings are harvested. Trunks of the young buckwheat can be eaten as vegetables. The seeds can be used to grind flour to make bread, feed cattle, or mix with corn to make wine.

Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

On the cold days and mist covers on the edge of the buckwheat flower hill, the fragile petals hidden in the mist show off. This beauty makes people infatuated and finds themselves as lost in the fairyland. Gently set footsteps on small trails, only afraid to touch the flowers are shimmer lightly in the wind. The blooming buckwheat flowers have the beauty that makes people fascinated: wild as the forest, gentle as brocade color on the clothes of the Mong girls. Usually, flowers will bloom in a month, new flowers are hatched in white, after turning into pink, purple and finally dark red.

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Where to see buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Thach Son (Quyet Tien Commune, Quan Ba District)

The buckwheat flower field is located on the way to Quan Ba, about 3km from Bac Sung Slope. There are beautiful swings here and many cute models of houses and walls to take photos. Ticket price is about 10,000 VND / ticket.

Lung Cam Culture Village (Vinh Su Valley)

This is the most abundant flower growing place in Ha Giang, also the most beautiful place to see flowers. In addition, there is Pao's house and many beautiful rose gardens in Sung La.

The Ma Pi Leng Pass's foot

The buckwheat flower field between the two mountains creates a beautiful natural landscape. This field is sown later than in Dong Van, so in the middle of October flowers begin to pink and near the end of the month is the most beautiful time.

The field at the bottom of Lung Cu flag pole

At the bottom of the flagpole Lung Cu, a lot of buckwheat flowers are planted to serve tourists when visiting the flagpole. They are planted into layers of terraces which is quite eye-catching and attract many tourists to admire.

Buckwheat flowers

Buckwheat flowers

The fourth buckwheat flowers festival 2018

The fourth festival of the buckwheat flowers, 2018 with the theme "Flower land-Spreading" to honor the cultural values and vitality of the ethnic minority in the Dong Van Plateau (including 4 districts of Meo Vac, Dong Van, Yen Minh, and Quan Ba); The fourth buckwheat flower Festival in 2018 is an important opportunity for Ha Giang to promote to domestic and international tourists on the unique cultural values of ethnic minority people in four highland districts and majestic scenery that nature has bestowed on Ha Giang.

In order to serve for the Fourth Buckwheat Flower Festival in 2018, the districts have completed the planning of flower with a total area of 131 hectares; Of which, Dong Van district planted 82 hectares, Quan Ba planted 14 hectares; Yen Hoa planted 10 ha and Meo Vac district planted 25 ha. In addition, the activities before, during and after the Festival will be extended from September to the end of December 2018. The main contents of the festival include Photo exhibition Global Dong Van Geological Park; reflect the cultural space of the ancient town of Dong Van; promote mint honey products and scientific workshop to improve the value of mint honey in Dong Van district. Meo Vac District will organize cultural exchanges and space of the night market, food street of the Mong ethnic people in the village cultural tourism community Pa Vi Ha, and Pa Vi. Yen Minh district will organize the third Mong cultural festival, and fish festival of Tay people. Quan Ba district will organize the contest Linen Textile, and Boat Racing Festival.

The breathtaking scenery in Ha Giang in buckwheat flower season will definitely bring you memorable experiences. For more information about traveling in Vietnam, you can visit our website. Have a nice trip!