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10 must-try dishes in Moc Chau

10 must-try dishes in Moc Chau
UPDATED: 11 Apr 2017 317 Views
Coming to Moc Chau, you can enjoy the famous specialties in here such as Be chao, Five-colored sticky rice, Cai meo and stream fish…

Be Chao

Be chao is the most famous dish in Moc Chau. The veal is cut into small pieces, marinated with spices and quickly fried by hot oil. The result is a dish of Be chao which is very eye-catching and attractive. When enjoy this dish, you can feel the softness and sweetness of the veal with the crispy skin and good smelling. The price of a dish of Be chao is from 100,000VND to 150,000VND.

Five-colored sticky rice (Xoi ngu sac)

Five-colored sticky rice is one of the popular dishes in Northwest region. The sticky rice is made from good types of rice mixed with many kind of leaves to create the colors of black, red, yellow, purple and orange…

Cai meo

Cai meo in Moc Chau is planted all over the year. At the first bite, you can feel a little bitter and then you also feel crispy and sweet. Cai meo is processed into many different dishes such as: boiled Cai meo with soy sauce, soup, hot pot and stirred Cai meo with garlic and beef or chicken…
Five-coloured sticky rice
Five-coloured sticky rice

Thit trau gac bep

Thit trau gac bep is a specialty of Black Thai people in Moc Chau and usually used to invite guests. The buffalo meat is done by bloating in many days. When enjoying this dish, you can see the eye-catching brown red color, the featured smelling of Mac khen, the taste of smoke as well as the natural sweetness of buffalo meat. The price of Trau gac bep is from 650,000VND to 750,000 VND per kilogram.


The salmon is cooked into many dishes such as: salad; grilled, fried or smoked salmon; hotpot and porridge. The best one is salmon salad served with vegetables, ginger, green mango, sour leaves and soy bean. A serving including 6 dishes costs 200,000VND. If the tourists buy fresh fish, the price is about 350,000VND per kilogram.

Stream fish

Stream fish is the favorite dish of many tourists when they come to Moc Chau. The stream fish in here is a bitter smaller than the fish in other destinations so you can enjoy the whole one. The best way to process Stream fish is marinating with spices and then grilling on wood.

Khoai so man

Khoai so man is the specialty of Dao people in Moc Chau. The taro is very big, yellow and easy well-done with a good smelling. The best way to process this dish is cooking soup.

Buffalo dried meat

Buffalo dried meat

Nam pia

Nam pia is the specialty of the mountainous area but not all tourists coming to Moc Chau are brave to try it. The ingredients to cook Nam pia includes: cow or goat blood, beef, cartilage, tail, and heart. Therefore, this dish has a featured smelling. Nam pia is a popular dish of local people in here in the winter and usually served with banana flower and mint leaves…

Oc da

Oc da is processed into many dishes such as soup with sour leaves, sour bamboo sprout or Snail salad with green mango, perilla, coriander, and chili. However, the simplest way is boiling and serving with chili fish sauce. The crispiness and good smelling of snails, the spiciness of chili and the strong favor of fish sauce will create a very special dish.

Dairy products

The dairy products such as Yogurt, fresh milk, whey, milky cake ... are often bought as gifts by the tourists. Each product is unique, delicious and nutritious, derived from the milk of the Dutch dairy cows on Moc Chau plateau.
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