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Explore the Christmas in Vietnam in the 5 most attractive cities

Explore the Christmas in Vietnam in the 5 most attractive cities
UPDATED: 22 Dec 2015 80 Views

Christmas has made Vietnam more bustling and sparkling. Let’s explore the activities as well as the attractions of the country on this special occasion.

Christmas culture in Vietnam

Activities on Christmas

In many large cities of Vietnam, people, especially the young, like to go into the city center where there are several cathedrals located. The streets become crowded with people and various means of transportation.

People celebrate Christmas by having dinner with family, taking pictures and enjoying the Christmas decorations at the department stores, on the big streets, and many famous places in the city. Lots of coffee shops and restaurants open for people to enjoy the meal.


Not many people in Vietnam are Christians, but most people still like to go to the churches and cathedrals. Vietnam used to be part of the French Empire and there are still French influences in the Christmas traditions. Therefore, the Christmas in Vietnam still has a big nativity crib scene with statues of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the shepherds, and animals.

Also, in some areas of the cities in Vietnam, usually in Catholic parishes, people have big crib scenes in front of their houses and decorate the whole street, turning it into a Christmas area. These are popular for people to visit and admire the scenes.

Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas in Vietnam

Meals and gifts

Like in France, the special Christmas Eve meal is called ‘reveillon’ and has a “bûche de Noël” (a chocolate cake in the shape of a log) for the desert. Vietnamese people like to give presents of food, gloves, scarf, stuffed animals, and jewelry, etc. The young people like to exchange Christmas cards as well.

Top attractions of Vietnam on Christmas Day


Sapa from December to February is like a miniature Europe because of the image of fog covering every corner of the town with the coldness. At low temperatures, travelers can also admire the snow falling.

Sapa at Christmas is no longer sad and quiet as its inherent appearance in the cold winter. Sapa at Christmas wraps itself in a cheerful cloak to welcome a happy season. There are a variety of ancient houses hidden behind the fog and haze, the snow falling and covering all the roofs, streets in the town.

In this occasion, people usually decorate the shops and restaurants with colorful pine trees. Guests can also join in the Christmas ceremony with the parishioners at the Stone Church. On Saturday evening, travelers can enjoy the interesting love market and have a great barbecue in the town.

Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas in Vietnam


Hanoi at Christmas has a unique beauty blending between the modern space of the commercial centers and the quiet old town with the colors as in the fairy tales of the decorations and the trees covered with sparkling lights.

Hanoi has many places to visit on Christmas day. Some people choose the sparkling Hang Ma street while others like to immerse into the lightning space around Sofitel Metropole hotel or hold hands walking in the magnificent Royal City. However, perhaps St. Joseph's Cathedral is the most populous one where the Christians come to pray and tourists meditate on the small scenes recreating the story of God Jesus.

Da Nang

Coming to Da Nang on Christmas day, tourists should not miss Da Nang Cathedral or Ong Ich Khiem Protestant Church to feel a sacred atmosphere existing through the ups and downs of the city as it was passed down from thousand years ago.

Furthermore, Ba Na Hills is also a great destination in Da Nang on Christmas Eve. Every year, this place is decorated in a shimmering and colorful dress with the reindeer, Christmas trees, and snowmen, embellishing the majestic castles here.


Dalat reminds people of a land for the dreamers, so at Christmas, Dalat makes everyone dream of a fairy sky with the fascinating activities. It is extremely an ideal location for those living in the South with the Christmas holiday like in the West.

With the Christmas in Vietnam, visitors will enjoy the jubilant atmosphere on the big streets with the exciting flash mob dance of the young. There are also many other fun activities and special festivals at Love Valley and Dream Hill. These are the annual events celebrating the winter and new year festivities in Dalat.

Ho Chi Minh city

Christmas comes to Saigon from the end of November, when the whole city is filled with sparkling lights and the shops become colorful of red and green. Nevertheless, perhaps the best and most attractive thing is Notre Dame Cathedral because of not only the magnificent scenery but also the solemn and cozy atmosphere where people can go to pray for the good things.

Many districts of District 8, Nghia Phat, Tu Duc, and Tam Ha, etc also attract many local Catholics and visitors that all the roads are brightly lit by the shimmering lights and hundreds of well-built caves in front of the houses, on the sidewalk, or in the crowded intersection.

Spending Christmas in Vietnam brings tourists an interesting experience about cultural differences as well as interference among the Western and Eastern areas, also expressing the national identity of the country on this occasion. If you like the place, don’t hesitate to like and share this with others. Thank you.