Top private cruises in Lan Ha Bay


Lan Ha bay is well known for its pristine and unexploited nature, so if you’re planning a wonderful trip in here, why not try one of the following top private cruises.

The gorgeous and pristine nature of Lan Ha bay is ideal for a honeymoon vacation

Why choose private Lan Ha bay cruise?

Do you need the privacy, comfort, and style of service only for your team? A Lan Ha bay private cruise tour will meet all of these expectations. There are many types of cruise ships available on Lan Ha bay that allow you to book a private vacation for your family, group of friends, a company, or a honeymoon vacation with smaller area, fewer cabins but they still ensure quality service as well as safety for visitors.

What is more excited than to be with relatives and friends to enjoy a moment of  floating on the sea, watching the natural beauty of Halong and Lan Ha bays, tasting the fresh seafood party, relaxing in the middle of the night. Besides, Lan Ha bay private cruise will have many exciting activities suitable for all members of a family or a group of friends. So let’s visit here to feel the best holiday with your beloved ones.

La Pinta

The sundeck is large enough for a company in a beach vacation (

If you want to travel to Halong and Lan Ha bays with a large number of colleges, La Pinta cruise ship is one of the best cruises in Lan Ha bay that you should try. It is a luxury yacht, serving tourists in Halong bay and Lan Ha bay. The five-star standard cruise was built and put into use from April 2018 with 16 spacious cabins which are designed with full-size glass doors, wide deck, comfortable and luxurious interior. Containing the modernity, luxury along with the delicacy and minuteness, the bedrooms on La Pinta cruise will be the ideal places to rest. The wide and airy windows will help guests enjoy the full beauty of nature and the sea space.

The entertainment on the cruise to Lan Ha bay is also perfect for the group to save their best memory such as bar, big restaurant, and attractive sundeck. Moreover, with La Pinta cruise 2 days, visitors also can participate in many activities when exploring Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long bay, and Lan Ha bay such as swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, barbecue on the beaches, and fishing.

La Paci cruise

Traveling Lan Ha bay on La Paci cruise

Traveling to Lan Ha bay on La Paci cruise, tourists can relax in the oriental designing style yet still modern. La Paci Cruise combines the beauty, modern, and comfort with 10 fully equipped cabins, a bar, elegant dining area and spectacular beach view through the large glass window in the cabins. This kind of cruise ship is perfect for a large group of friends, of colleagues to travel to Halong bay and Lan Ha bay together. There are three cabins of 35×8.5 meters wide with wooden and iron design, offering guests with a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere when staying there.

The staff are friendly and professional, dedicating to provide travelers with personalized service for a memorable, unique, and secure experience. With the luxurious interior, comfortable bedrooms, and perfect services, staying overnight on La Paci cruise, tourists will not only have a very personal feeling about Lan Ha bay, but they also have the opportunity to participate in many extremely funny activities for groups such as learning to cook Vietnamese dishes with local ingredients, practising Taichi, fishing squid, kayaking, or biking in Viet Hai fishing village. More than that, if tourists go in group of 4, they will be freely transferred to the airport.

It can be said that La Paci is the ideal check-in Lan Ha bay private boat for those who want to experience a unique and special service with completely private space during the vacation. The comfort of the luxury yacht comes from the details which are designed in a luxurious style with convenient furniture. Besides, the route of La Paci is built according to the distinct and specific requirements of each group of customers.

Cat Ba Princess

Cat Ba Prince cruise is a perfect Lan Ha bay private boat for a family or a honeymoon couple. The boat is made of wood in accordance with the traditional standards of cruises for accommodation to ensure the necessary safety for passengers. Cat Ba Princess is a 4-star cruise, providing the most convenient and comfortable furniture in the 2 Deluxe cabins which are available for 6 guests such as air conditioner, private bathroom, TV, minibar, etc.

Traveling Lan Ha bay on Cat Ba Princess cruise

This cruise is an ideal choice that guests will have a sweet and fine dining at the luxury restaurant designed entirely of wood and stone with a harmonious combination of traditional and luxurious style. Honeymoon couples choose Cat Ba Princess cruise not only because of its luxury, elegant, and meticulous detail, but also by the hospitality, professionalism of the staff here.

With the suggestions of the best private cruises above, we believe that you will be able to choose the appropriate one for you and your family, friends to have the best Lan Ha bay boat trip. If you want to know how to book Lan Ha bay cruise, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you and hope to serve you the best services in our cruise.


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